What's going on in the world of Linda Fiorentino? Oh, a little of this and a little of that. The actress, best known for her work in Men and Black and Dogma, is gearing up for a busy 2008 by putting herself into the producer's chair for a biopic of late Russian poet Anna Akhmatova. Fiorentino is also apparently circling the lead role, although whether she'll bite has not been determined yet. Writer Jim Curtis created a screenplay about the poet, whose best known work was Requiem, written during the height of Stalinism. Akhmatova died in 1966, after creating for herself a place in the history books as a strong feminine figure in Russian arts. Tragically, for nearly twenty years the poet's voice was suppressed as the Russian government put a ban on publishing her works.

Fiorentino is also considering the possibility of directing the project and whether or not she ends up taking on the role, she certainly looks like the poet. In addition to the Akhmatova project, the actress is also currently working on a slew of other proects. She's developing documentaries that focus on research in juvenile diabetes and autism, as well as developing a documentary entitled Equal Protection that focuses on the discrimination against Italian-Americans. A third project she's currently working on is called The Motherhood, and that's a television show about parenting techniques. Looks like she'll be keeping busy for a while.

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