The makers of the independent documentary The Shark is Still Working have a finished cut, rapturous reviews, but no distribution deal -- yet. While they, and Jaws fans worldwide, wait in hope, though, director Erik Hollander and his production team aren't just sitting on their hands; instead, they've just released a trailer for the film that's, frankly, pretty cool. Hollander and his team (interviewed in April by Cinematical's Editor-in-Chief Ryan Stewart) didn't just put together some of their great archival footage and new interviews in order to excite fans about their labor-of-love documentary ... they actually got Percy Rodriguez to record a new voice-over.

And who, you ask, is Percy Rodriguez? Well, he's a character actor who's appeared in everything from Benson to Star Trek ... and who also performed chilling voice-over on trailers for dozens of films (he's, for example, heard on the trailer for David Cronenberg's Shivers) ... including the original Jaws trailer. Rodriguez was interviewed for The Shark is Still Working, but recently agreed to emerge from voice-over retirement and record a sly variation on the original for the doc ... and, as the website goes on to explain, "As an added bonus, it's certainly worth mentioning that (Rodriguez) recorded it in the same studio where he recorded the Jaws trailer in 1975. Can't beat that with a compressed air tank, can you?" If you want to watch the new trailer for The Shark is Still Working, you can do so here ... and if you'd like to contrast and compare, check out the original Jaws trailer here.
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