If you're pushing 40 when you make the first film in a popular action franchise, it's obviously going to be pretty tough to return to the character years later -- at least, if you're keeping the same theme and not making it a geriatric action flick. In the beginning, Rambo was a tough-looking man with muscles and guns. These days, Sylvester Stallone obviously isn't as buff as he was in the 80's, so showing the sweaty, dirty muscles are out. What has remained, however, is the straggly hair and sweatband. Now, I know this is Rambo, free from a reimagining, but couldn't fans believe that he might change his look from the 80's 'do at some point over the last 20 years?

The point of all this -- we've got new pictures to check out from the upcoming John Rambo flick, which has Stallone taking on the role again at the ripe age of 62. In one, it looks like he's decided that tough guys fish with a bow and arrow, and in the other, he's wrasslin' a snake. He's doing so in what looks like sweats, a t-shirt and the sweat-catching bandana. My problem with this -- it looks a lot more like he's just been swiped from a pigsty of a house while burping on beer and remembering the good ol' days. True, the movie says he has secluded himself in Bangkok, but still -- if the 60-something man is going to become the action hero once again, you should do everything to make him look cool and tough, not mulleted and bedraggled. As it stands, he looks like a caricature of the past. That being said, Stallone does look damn good for an almost-senior citizen.
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