A few weeks ago, I made a weak attempt at throwing together a Cinematical Seven titled All-Time Best Action Movie Directors. At the top of my list would have been John McTiernan, who I think is truly in a class by himself in terms of his mastery of this genre. Remember that shot in Predator where Schwarzenegger kicks the gun out of the girl's hand and lays into the invisible beast with the military assault rifle? That shot should have been called to testify on McTiernan's behalf during his Pellicano case -- no man who can film scenes like that is all bad. Number two on my list would have been Jim Cameron, and somewhere around six or seven would have been the only woman on the list, Cameron's protege Kathryn Bigelow. Her career has been much more uneven than his, of course -- in some ways, she's the Stanley Kubrick of female directors: takes long stretches off work, hops across genres to uneven results, and isn't known for being interview-friendly.

"Ryan, can you get to the point? I'm falling asleep, here." Okay, here's the point. A site called TotallyHollywoodHunksNews.com -- someone pointed me to it, I'm not a regular reader -- is hosting an early teaser poster for Bigelow's next film, The Hurt Locker. You should take a look at the poster -- it's actually a very nice piece of art, with a good tag, nice coloring and a lot of visual information. I know very little about the film except that it's about an Army bomb squad unit trying to do their job in the midst of the Iraq war, but here's sincerely hoping it's a return to form for Bigelow. Her last effort at the action genre was K:19: The Widowmaker, which I found disappointing. Before that, you have to go all the way back to 1995's Strange Days. I'd love to see a late revival, even though this one is being described as an action-drama, instead of just action. Click on the image above to get the full teaser.
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