You know, that new Adam Sandler movie where he's an Australian visiting New York? Just kidding. Once again we mislead you with that headline to bring you something more interesting, less ridiculous. Apparently Sandler's actual new movie, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, might be a rip off of an Australian pic titled Strange Bedfellows, which stars Paul 'Crocodile Dundee' Hogan. Bedfellows came out in 2004 and was that year's biggest Australian production, both Down Under and abroad (note: it still only placed 57th at the Australian box office that year -- after a lot of Hollywood fare). Like Chuck and Larry, Bedfellows is about two guys who pretend they're gay in order to reap financial benefits. Unlike Chuck and Larry, the guys in Bedfellows (Hogan and Michael Caton) are old and aren't firefighters -- they don't even work together. Still too alike? That has yet to be decided.

Nobody involved with Strange Bedfellows has seen the new movie yet, but they're hearing from a lot of people who've seen the trailer, and who see the obvious similarities on the surface. Bedfellows co-writer/director Dean Murphy is especially concerned, having heard strangers mention the likeness between the films after seeing the Chuck and Larry trailer himself. However, until he or the film's American distributor, Screen Media Films, see the whole movie, there won't be any official accusations or legal action. One thing that makes the case more interesting is that Caton claims to have given a copy of Bedfellows to Rob Schneider, who he worked with on The Animal. Schneider plays a bit role in Chuck and Larry, and everyone knows he and Sandler are good buddies. Did Schneider loan his DVD to Sandler, who did produce but did not co-write Chuck and Larry? It's also important to note that Chuck and Larry has been in development for a good six years now, long before Bedfellows even went into production. So, who's ripping off who? I guess we'll find out this weekend, when the new movie opens in theaters -- hopefully some of our readers have seen or will see both movies and will give us some opinions. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry will hit Australian cinemas next month.

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