This weekend, I'll be passing the time on a long train ride by slogging through Silverfin and Blood Fever, the first two books in the highly-praised Young James Bond series, and I hope to find time to write up an assessment of how much potential is there for 'Young Bond' to be turned into a film series at some point. In the meantime, however, there's something else occupying my thoughts: I'm starting to wonder whether the two major James Bond fansites are steering clear of the current Bond issue -- the increasingly likely notion that the producers of Bond 22 are intent on steering away from the hugely-successful tough, gritty Bond vibe of Casino Royalein favor of a quip circus, a la Roger Moore. After this was first reported in a British paper -- not always the most reliable source of news -- the guys at IGN did some digging and their source is confirming that this is a reality: the plan is to go more humorous this time around. So how come and Mi6 aren't weighing in on this topic?

I do see one link on to a Dark Horizons writeup of the story, but if there's anything else, then I'm completely missing it. It could be tucked in there somewhere, so please point me to it, if so. Maybe they disagree with me and some others, who think that any shift onto a comedic foot would be the wrong way for the series to go at this point. I feel that the whole reason people were re-energized by Daniel Craig's performance in Casino Royale is that he finally seemed like a dedicated professional who took his work seriously again, as opposed to a character who knows as well as you do that he's inside a fictional universe. We can't go back to the other way now, can we?
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