Bit by slow, lingering, snail-like bit, we've gotten news on Steven Soderbergh's upcoming $70 million (approximately) Ernesto Che Guevara films -- The Argentine and Guerrilla. It all started back in November of 2005, with one film and Benicio Del Toro. Then, the team had to scramble to shoot footage before some refurbishing at the UN, some pics were released, Julia Ormond joined the cast and the film got split in two. After a long wait, production is finally scheduled to begin next week in Spain, and we've got another name to add to the cast -- Columbian actress Catalina Sandino Moreno.

Of course, the actress is best known for her starring, Oscar-nominated role in Maria Full of Grace, but she's also spent time in Richard Linklater's world of Fast Food Nation, and the Ethan Hawke-helmed The Hottest State, which is getting released next month. Unfortunately, there is no word about who she is going to play. Whoever it is, she's a great addition to an already intriguing cast. Really, you could throw almost any name at me, and I'd still pay to see Del Toro as Che and Franke Potente as Tamara Bunke -- the only woman to fight alongside communist rebels under Guevara. Shooting is scheduled to continue for nine weeks in Madrid and Andalusia, and hopefully once the cameras begin to officially roll, we'll have some more information on just what Soderbergh has up his sleeve for the epic man of t-shirts.
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