Wow, either this is Corey Feldman and Corey Haim doing some hysterical improv, or this is Corey Feldman and Corey Haim during one of their lamest moments ever. You may have heard there's a new "celeb-reality" show hitting A&E (and called The Two Coreys) that features Feldman and Haim all grown up, (and sharing a house together?). Well, a clip from the show has popped up on MySpace -- it shows Feldman breaking the news to his friend that a Lost Boys 2 is in the works, and their participation was not needed. Feldman tells Haim that he was asked to perform a cameo, but rejected it when they wouldn't allow his buddy to appear in the film as well. From there, Haim just loses it -- he gets all choked up, pulls Feldman in for one of those "thanks for getting my back" hugs, and -- sniff, sniff -- begins to cry.

Dude, it's a straight-to-DVD Lost Boys sequel! Are you kidding me!? You're crying? While seeing these two back together again conjures up all sorts of great childhood memories, I couldn't help but chuckle during their Lost Boys "moment." I mean, after all, these two really are a couple of lost boys ... in more ways than one. But I also have to wonder whether this whole thing was real, or if it was just an act. VHI recently kicked off a similar show in which they follow around '80s hunk Scott Baio with a camera while he visits all of his ex-girlfriends in an attempt to find out why all his relationships go sour. (I know, I watch lame TV shows. Big deal. Wanna fight about it?) After watching one episode, it was pretty obvious that this wasn't a straight reality show; that at least certain aspects of it were staged and/or scripted. Could the same thing be going on with Feldman and Haim? Did some director-type tell them to talk about Lost Boys 2 and cry? All I know is that there was a time when Haim was on way too many drugs to function; perhaps the rehab and 12-step programs turned him into an emotional mess. Either way, it's nice to see both of these guys healthy again. And I'll watch the show anyway, while singing: "Get out of my dreams ... and into my car ... "

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