Whenever I hear or see that Donnie Wahlberg has a new gig, I imagine an excited and nervous Johnny Drama. Never mind that it is actually Wahlberg's cousin, John Alves, who is the basis for the Entourage character. I prefer to think that it's the former New Kid on the Block who is the real-life Drama. However, I can't even imagine how crazy Drama would be if he got the kind of job that Wahlberg just got. It may actually be his best non-television role since, well, ever. It's more like the kind of job his more-famous brother Mark would get (if he wanted to slum it just a bit). It's a part in Righteous Kill, the Jon Avnet-directed film that has the honor of reunitingAl Pacino and Robert DeNiro. It also stars 50 Cent. Wahlberg announced the gig while promoting his Spike TV miniseries The Kill Point, though he didn't mention anything about his character nor did he say how big a role it would be. What he did say is that it's going to be a challenge and that he gets to drive to Boston every night. That sounds pretty significant to me.

Righteous Kill, which was scripted by Inside Man screenwriter Russell Gewirtz, is about two detectives tracking down a serial killer. Pacino and DeNiro play the detectives. 50 Cent plays a drug dealer who helps them out. Could Wahlberg be the serial killer? Since we don't yet know any other actors cast in the film, I'd maybe make the assumption. Of course, the part of the killer could be quite small. And he probably wouldn't have too much screen time with Al and Bob. And Wahlberg did imply he'll be working closely with the acting legends. So, I'd rather make the assumption that Wahlberg is another one of the good guys (or, as in the case of 50 Cent, someone who aids the good guys). Either way, I'm happy for the guy. Additionally, feel free to check out this newly-released teaser poster for the film (which may or may not be legit). Righteous Kill hits theaters next year.

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