Spanish director Guillem Morales will remake his own psychological thriller, The Uninvited Guest.Why on earth would he do that, since the original has received so many positive notices since its release in 2005? Was there something he didn't like about it? "An English-language remake broadens potential audiences, " Morales told Variety,"and will allow us to work, I hope, with some marvelous English or American actors." I guess "artistic motivation" is further down the list. Joaquin Padro, president of production company Rodar y Rodar, says they intend to attract "A" list British/American talent. At the same time, the below-the-line budget has been set at a very modest $8.3 million. I wonder how much have they've allocated for that "A" list talent they covet? Rodar y Rodar is based in Barcelona, Spain, and is teaming with UK-based Becker international to produce the film.

The original Uninvited Guest has "a great premise," according to Richard Brunton at Filmstalker: "the idea that someone could live in your house without anyone else knowing, not even the owner." Keith Hennessey Brown at Eye For Film concluded that it was "a phenomenally good film that hopefully heralds the arrival of a major new talent." Maybe Morales can make some startling variation on his own work, but I can't help wishing that such a "major new talent" would make something new and original. I also can't help thinking of George Sluizer, who made The Vanishing in 1988, a superbly chilling and disturbing film, and then directed the English-language remake a few years later, which was awful, tiresome and destroyed the power of the original ending. The Uninvited Guest is available on DVD; the remake aims to start production next year.
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