Just last night, I was discussing TIFF with my favorite fest-buddy. No matter what we do, we keep finding ourselves in disappointing final films. To stop this, we tried to come up with a game plan for this year, so that on that final day, we could wrap up the fest with a hearty "huzzah!" or, at least, not feel weary and disappointed after a few dozen films. Where we are looking for something light, TIFF has chosen to close with something dark -- but presumably much better than my previous final picks. The latest news from the Toronto International Film Festival is that Emotional Arithmetic, a Canadian drama about the reunion of three Holocaust survivors, will close the fest.

TIFF co-director Noah Cowan says: "The inclusion of this powerful film reflects the robust nature of our industry." Yet it's more than just a Canadian film, it's quite a star-studded affair, moulded by the hands of director Paolo Barzman. The film stars Susan Sarandon, Gabriel Byrne, Christopher Plummer and Max von Sydow. The film is about Sarandon and Byrne, who are playing survivors of a Jewish internment camp from World War II. "They make plans to reunite after discovering the political dissident (von Sydow) who had protected them at the camp did not die at Auschwitz as they had thought, and is still alive." Meanwhile, Sarandon's character is trying to deal with her experiences from the camp, while also fighting depression and a poor relationship with a philandering husband, played by Plummer. It's a pretty interesting mix of high-profile talent, and looks to be a serious but worthy wrap up to this year's festival.