When I stated recently that I wanted regular video updates on Lucasfilm's official Indiana Jones site, I meant that I wanted new footage -- no matter how short the clip. The last official video we got was all hype, sure, but at least it featured a teeny weeny shot of a scene that will be in Indiana Jones IV. The newest video is just hype, no new footage. And it really annoyed the hell out of me. Basically it's a montage of television news programs from around the world reporting the news about the film. In case you want to skip this one, the locations are as follows: Japan, UK, Australia, Spain, Germany (do their news programs really have techno in the background?), Italy, France, Brazil, Mexico and Russia. The video also includes some footage from the first two official videos we've seen. The only elements that may be of interest to Indiana Jones fans are the theme song and the style of world map shown, both of which made me a little excited.

I get it. The whole world is excited about another Indiana Jones movie. So what? The whole world is excited about a lot of Hollywood movies. And obviously everyone is anticipating this movie. What is the next video going to be? A montage of blogs and fansites that write about the movie every day? Where is the behind-the-scenes stuff from Hawaii already? Why not show us some new, exclusive shots of the whip? Any new footage will do. Just don't make another video showing us that you're great and that people like you. Show us something that makes you great, something that will make us keep liking you. Next Thursday, when/if the next video arrives, it better not call for a headline with words like 'annoying' or 'frustrating.' This is a warning. Because with all those nations eagerly awaiting your movie, I'm sure you care what one sole internet writer thinks.

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