The rumor mill has been going crazy recently about the upcoming Star Trek prequel. Beyond the issues over William Shatner's snub, rumors have been circulating that Zachary Quinto, otherwise known as the evil, sinister and head-slicing Sylar on Heroes, is in talks to play Spock. While the buzz has this air of bull-***, he really is a great choice to play the role. I'm not sure that there is another guy out there now (unless they opt for an unknown) who is more visually-suited to the role. And heck, he's done a great job as Sylar, so he's got some talent beyond the well-matched face.

In an attempt to get to the bottom of these rumors, IGN talked to the star at a press tour in Beverly Hills. To say that Quinto was being elusively cheeky is a bit of an understatement. He's quoted as saying: "I love these rumors, I think anything we can do to keep these going is good. But I'm definitely here [at NBC's All-Star Party] because of the show and that's what I'm relating to most these days, and whatever exists down the line remains to be seen." So, they ask him straight-out: "you're not talking to anyone specifically about this role?" Quinto's response: "I'm talking to you about it right now, my friend. I'm talking to you about this role, right now." Ah, cheeky monkey. So, this really says nothing for the validity of the rumors. He could be cashing in on some terribly-false buzz and having fun with it, or he's being elusive because the big Trek casting news is set to be released at Comic-Con in San Diego next week.
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