It was back in May that Erik Davis posted about Powder Blue -- the new film from Timothy Linh Bui, which already set up two notable stars -- Forest Whitaker and Jessica Biel. In the post, Erik said: "Now there's a duo I didn't expect to see on screen together." Still banking on an eclectic mix, the latest name to hit the roster is none other than Ray Liotta, and he's going to be Biel's dad, if you can believe that. This is perfect timing for the actor, who has wrapped production on three new films -- Crossing Over,Hero Wanted and Battle in Seattle, and is currently filming his fourth, The Night Job.

As previously stated, the film follows the life of four different characters who spend Christmas Eve together, kind of like Mixed Nuts without the comedy. Whitaker is playing the suicidal ex-priest, Biel is the stripper, who has a terminally ill son and Liotta is her dad, an ex-con who has just spent 25 years in prison and wants to reconnect with her. There's only one main character left to cast now -- the mortician. Convention would suggest that this role will be played by another man who can pull off dysfunction, but I'm hoping for a woman. We always see the female stripper in films, so much so that aliens who catch our satellite waves might think Earth is a veritable cornucopia of them. So, why not? If Liotta can play Biel's dad, anything is possible.
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