Kevin Kelly, one of our guys gearing up for ComicCon this year, just pointed me to a site that is even more in the ComicCon spirit than we are. is splashing some photos of the women of the Girl Gaming Network who are going to be on hand in San Diego next week. The photo above is of Becky Young, a videogame industry consultant who seems to enjoy dressing up like Emma Frost. Kevin also claims that she's a friend, although I'm a little skeptical of that -- we don't pay him enough to have friends who look like that. There's also Meagan "VirtualGirl" VanBurkleo, in a Wonder Woman outfit complete with golden lasso, and Ruby Rocket, who is described as GGN's "Comic Maven" and who is wearing an outfit that seems like a cross between Rose McGowan and X-Men's Storm [update -- someone tells me it's Black Cat from Spider-Man]. The page also helpfully gives a rundown (with photos) of all of the attractive female celebrities who will be attending this year. I'm just the messenger -- I promised we'd bring you all things ComicCon this year.