Bridgette Williams is Senior Editor of, an online entertainment resource site operated by the Dallas Morning News. She's also an inveterate underwear shopper. Lately, though, she's found more and more DVDs in her shopping basket along with her six-pack of plaid panties. She puts it into personal perspective: "Women have one Thing we look for when we're in a store, mall or on a website that may carry it. For me, it's lingerie. ... It's not that I need more unmentionables, it's just that you can never have too much, especially if there's a sale. ... I'm looking, no matter what I set out to buy." She admits that she hardly ever watches them.

For a man's perspective, GreenCine Daily recently pointed to the "aha" moment in the life of film critic Michael Atkinson: "I no longer buy DVDs, and am very stingy about buying books (whereas I used to be a slut). I don't think I'll live long enough to see and read everything I already have." As I commented at his blog, "for me, just seeing a book or DVD on a shelf can bring back memories of what I read or saw, like hearing a song from my youth or seeing my childhoood home." When I need to relax, I shop for DVDs. I adore the idea of always having something new to watch. Of course, as a result of my spending habits I also watch my DVDs while sitting in a $10 camp chair.

What about you? With so many DVDs now bargain priced, do you find yourself tossing one or two into your shopping basket, even if you didn't set out to buy any? Do you watch all the DVDs you buy? Or do you confine yourself to renting or borrowing what you want to watch?
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