It became obvious that I wasn't a total car buff when I read Joe Carnahan's latest blog title for Thursday -- "Tonight. Downtown. The '08 Caddy." Immediately, I thought: "Poor David Lynch. He does some great marketing with a cow, and now is getting competition from guys driving golf caddies around the streets of L.A." Half of me wishes that this was the case, even if golf caddies probably have nothing to do with Carnahan's upcoming film, White Jazz. But really, new Cadillacs are a great alternative.

In the blog, the director says that they're closing "a big chunk of downtown LA and running wild in the streets with the new Cadillac CTS. I'm personally hoping they let me wrap one of these beautiful f*ckers around a pole at some point." Hmm, I doubt it. Why are they doing all of this, especially since the film hasn't gone into production yet? According to Carnahan, it is a "wonderful opportunity to hone a look for White Jazz that [I] hope will allow us to shoot a lot of the traveling shots of Klein (and there's a FEW) in a manner that will save us the cost of having to dress block after block in period cars, etc." Why new Cadillacs were needed for this test, I can only assume for advertising and car fanboy dreams. Earlier this month, the first artwork for the movie was released, and I'm hoping everything works out, because it's looking shnazzy so far. If things continue on schedule, the film will head into production this December. Oh, and if any of you fine readers caught the wild Cadillac driving, pipe in and give us the run-down.
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