Now that Lindsay Lohan is officially out of rehab (and wearing a "Thou Shalt Not Do Anything Stupid" ankle bracelet), the girl should have plenty of time to start shooting the dark comedy Poor Things; that film starring Shirley MacLaine we told you about back in May. Remember how there was talk Lohan would be replaced in the flick, until MacLaine came to her rescue and issued a bizarre statement, saying they were rearranging the schedule of the film so Lohan can shoot her scenes following the 30-day stint in rehab? Remember all that? Well, according to one of the most reliable sources in the world (ahem, Page Six), the plug has been pulled on Poor Things for good. As in, the movie is dead. Page Six cites an email from production designer Fontaine Beauchamp Hebb (I'd like to see that on a birth certificate) to product vendors GE and Dell (both of whom were promised placement in the film in return for cash) that came attached to the subject line: "Poor Things has been cancelled."

Apparently, the body of the email read as follows: "Sorry to be the harbinger of bad news, but I just received a call from Jacky Gilardi, the producer, pulling the plug on the ill-fated film. Apparently, Ms. Lohan's antics in Las Vegas over the weekend have scared the bond companies and all of the funding has been pulled . . . I look forward to working together in the future and trust our next project will not be as fraught with difficulty." It should be noted that one of Lohan's friends called bullsh*t on the email, telling Page Six the actress had nothing to do with the movie shutting down. Says the friend: "It was a mess to begin with. They randomly fired Channing Tatum for Giovanni Ribisi, and then financing fell through because producers spent money like water. It was only supposed to cost $4 million -- Lindsay was being paid nothing for that role." As expected, everyone involved with the film declined to comment. So until final word comes through, I'd say you should chalk this one as another "Lohan ruined everything" rumor. Poor thing ... even when she's sober, she can't catch a break.

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