If you've ever toiled away as an indie filmmaker struggling to make your film a reality, you know one of the most important things when setting out to make movies is a ready source of cash. Without financing, your movie making dream can come to a grinding halt when the realization hits that there's no money to fund your dream project. But now, as Varietyreports today, there might just be a place for you to find that financing you so desperately need ... India.

According to the article, The Indian Film Company, a movie production and finance firm with backing from India's Studio 18 and Viacom/Paramount, has committed to finance and produce six new movies to be made in India's Bollywood. These latest films will be combined with the company's slate of 14 other projects to bring their total number of films to 20. Some of the new films the company is looking to move forward on include a murder mystery called Bombay Valet, directed by Anurag Kashyap, a big budget remake of Chashme Badoor to be directed by upcoming helmer Onir and Fruit and Nut, the directorial debut of popular actor Kunal Vijayakar.

Even though it may seem that this company has its hands full producing its own moves, don't lose hope. The more money that gets invested in India to make films, the better. Finding financing for your film in India may seem to be a pretty crazy idea. But keep in mind that this is Hollywood and we're talking about making movies here. When fighting to make your film happen, there are no crazy ideas -- just ones you haven't thought of yet.
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