I've always been a sucker for Wes Anderson. I seem to be in the minority in loving The Life Aquatic, although I know more than a few folks who've placed Rushmore and Bottle Rocket amongst their favorite films of all time. Myself included. Thus, I am more than anticipating Anderson's latest quirky tale, The Darjeeling Limited. In case you didn't notice yet, that's the poster at the top of your screen. And that's the film's stars, Adrien Brody, Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman staring back at us. Although the film won't land in theaters until later this fall, we'll have our first look at it when Ryan hits up the Venice Film Festival next month. Additionally, you bet your ass I'll be there when the flick opens up this year's New York Film Festival on September 29 (the day it also goes into limited release).

The film, which also stars Natalie Portman, Anjelica Huston (in her third straight Anderson film) and Roman Coppola, is said to revolve around three boys who journey across India following the death of their father. Not much else is known about the project, but I imagine we'll be seeing a trailer of sorts hit before the film premieres in Venice. Interestingly enough, The Darjeeling Limited also marks Anderson's first film that was not co-written by either Owen Wilson or Noah Baumbach. Though I'm sure both men probably had some uncredited input, Roman Coppola and Jason Schwartzman are Anderson's two co-writers this time around. Last time Schwartzman collaborated with Anderson we got the unbelievably awesome Rushmore. Hopefully the boys will shovel out another gem. I guess we'll know soon enough.

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