Have you ever heard of Terry Fox? He's a pretty big deal up in Canada -- he was a young athlete who was stricken with cancer, and had his leg amputated at the age of 18. Three years later, he decided to run from coast-to-coast to raise money for cancer research. Take his story and mix it with old tractor interstate traveler Alvin Straight, who became immortalized on film by Richard Farnsworth in David Lynch's The Straight Story. The result -- The Seeker, a film that won the Best Documentary nod at the Rome International Film Festival. Now the film has been picked up by Passion River Films for distribution -- to be available on DVD on September 15.

The Seeker follows television screenwriter (Star Trek, Baywatch and Beast Wars) Evan Somers' cross-country trip from Los Angeles to the east coast to meet with Christopher Reeve. (At least one part of this story isn't having a happy ending.) The kicker -- he's quadriplegic, and used a special motorcycle with a wheelchair-friendly sidecar to make the trip. As the film's press release states: "his midlife crisis is a bit different: he wants to know how close the medical establishment has come to a cure for the many like him paralyzed from spinal cord injuries. He wants to know if he will ever walk again or if he should just give up hope." The doc follows his journey, mixed with the lives of others who struggle with the same challenges, and predictions/prognosis from scientists and doctors. If you're curious to know more, you can check out the trailer here.