When HBO's Entourage decided to spotlight the making of a fictional Aquaman movie with James Cameron directing, everyone immediately began to wonder whether a real Aquaman flick would, um, surface in the near future. But once that storyline crept its way out of the TV show, folks at home and in Hollywood forgot all about the underwater superhero. As of now, a big screen Aquaman movie is not in the works. Ah, but Entourage is once again stirring the pot; this time, Vince and his crew are getting ready to bring their Pablo Escobar biopic, Medellin, to the Cannes Film Festival. Those marketing geniuses over at HBO have even gone so far as to set up a website and trailer for Medellin as if the film was really coming out in theaters. Of course it's not a real film, but, like with Aquaman, will all the buzz generate further interest in a real Pablo Escobar movie?

Actually, one doesn't have to appear out of thin air this time. That's because director Joe Carnahan already has plans to make a Pablo Escobar biopic called Killing Pablo, but whether or not all the necessary ingredients will fall into place following his work on White Jazz remains to be seen. For one, Carnahan's first (and only?) choice to play Escobar, Javier Bardem, would need to be available. Speaking with Cinematical's Ryan Stewart last month, Bardem said that "it's something in the back of our heads. Pablo Escobar is an amazing character to play, because he's bigger than life. He's an amazing character, but Pablo Escobar is somebody that is not that simple." Bardem pretty much mirrored those comments when he spoke to Premiere recently while out promoting Goya's Ghosts: "That project has been around for some years now and we have talked several times," meaning he and Carnahan. "I guess there will come a time when we can agree to do it, because Pablo Escobar is an amazing, amazing character."

Personally, I think that time should come soon. If it was up to Carnahan, I imagine he'd love to shoot Killing Pablo as soon as he's finished with White Jazz. And why not capitalize on all the buzz Entourage is currently producing around the real-life controversial figure? As of now (and according to IMDb), Christian Bale is the only one attached to Killing Pablo. Hopefully Carnahan and Bardem can come to an agreement so we can see an Escobar biopic within the next two years. Hmm, or perhaps they're just waiting to see how the fictional film from Entourage does at Cannes? What say you? Has Entourage piqued your interest in a Pablo Escobar movie?

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