Once a filmmaker becomes established enough to make big-time (and mega-profitable) blockbusters, his next move is to set up a production shingle and ghost-produce a bunch of horror movies. It seems to work pretty well for Michael Bay and Sam Raimi, so why not Bryan Singer too? Yep, the director of The Usual Suspects, Superman Returns and the only two X-Menmovies worth a damn is on board as a producer on Michael Doughtery'sTrick 'r Treat -- which I do believe just got bumped out of its October release slot and stuck on a shelf somewhere. (This will mark Mr. Dougherty's first time behind the director's chair, although he did write Urban Legends: Bloody Mary, so let's hope he learned a few lessons on that one.)

So with no release date in sight, now seems the perfect time to release a trailer. And here it is. And while you all know I'm a little biased where the fright flicks are concerned, I'll just go ahead and toss out an opinion anyway: The trailer looks pretty slick. The WB release boasts a pretty solid cast for a basic horror flick: On board are no less than Anna Paquin, Dylan Baker, Leslie Bibb and Brian Cox ... in addition to a bunch of photogenic newcomers I know nothing about. The promo clip is kind of all over the place, but the IMDb indicates that we're looking at sort of an anthology piece in which four separate stories interweave during one hellacious Halloween eve. Sounds like fun to me. Too bad Warner took away its release date.

UPDATE: The new-yet-reliable horror site known as ShockTillYouDrop.com informs us that the release date change was nothing more than a rumor. Word is that Trick 'r Treat will still open on October 5. (Check out our previous reports on this flick here and here.)