USA Today has unveiled another photo from Leatherheads; George Clooney's third directorial outing, and his first attempt at a comedy. I was about to claim that this is the first Leatherheads pic to hit the net, but I don't believe it is. On IMDb, they already have up an additional five photos of guys clowning around in those old school football uniforms from back in the early days of the sport. And that's exactly what Leatherheads is about: In the film Clooney plays the coach of a "wannabee pro football team in the 1920s." In an attempt to add some legitimacy to his team, coach decides to try to recruit a World War I hero (John Krasinski) as his star player. Problems arise when both men fall head over heels for a pretty journalist (Renée Zellweger) who's out to expose the star as a fraud.

The photo above is the first to feature all three principal cast members (Clooney, Krasinski and Zellweger), as they sit around a table and discuss whatever. Ah, but someone or something walks in the door -- at which point all three look up. I'm not at all worried about Clooney pulling off comedy; I'm sure his work on a couple quirky Coen Bros. flicks certainly helped the man get a feel for tone. I am worried, however, about John Krasinski as a bankable big-screen star. The guy was a total bore in the recently-released License to Wed, and as wonderful as The Office is, his character on that show isn't all too exciting either. I'll be curious to see what Clooney can get out of him this time around, as I'm sure his lead role in this film will help dictate just how big Krasinski will become. Your thoughts? Leatherheads is due to block its way into theaters this December.

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