"Are you f*cking kidding me?" After Erik Davis reported on the claim that Knocked Up's Seth Rogen had "entered a deal to write and likely star" in The Green Hornet., one of our readers could barely contain himself in the comments section. But I bet he spoke for a lot of you -- I know my reaction was only slightly less profane. Sheigh Crabtree of the Los Angeles Times originally broke the story, which was amended after first publication to read that Rogen "has entered into final negotiations to write and star" in the project. So definitely take the following as a rumor: Crabtree now hears word that Rogen's "first choice to play Kato, Green Hornet's masked and martial arts-enabled sidekick, is none other than Kung Fu Hustle director and star Stephen Chow."

Commenting on what Rogen might do with the material, Erik asked, "Does that mean we should expect a real comedic Apatow-style take on the classic crime-fighter?" Well, Crabtree mentions that the Sony executives liked Rogen's "comedic take," so that answers that. Starting in the 1990's, Chow became a huge box sensation in Asia thanks to a prolific string of well-made comedies notable for his mo lei tau (nonsense) style of humor. His last two films (Shaolin Soccerand Kung Fu Hustle) have relied more on visual humor; Hustle was a veritable tour de force of martial arts gags. Chow is a trained martial artist, so he's capable of playing the part. Miramax botched the Soccer release, but Sony's specialty division Sony Pictures Classics did a classy job with Hustle. Chow's next is A Hope, set for release later this year, and a Hustle sequel may be on the way. Sony reportedly hopes for a 2009 release for The Green Hornet.
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