Since Ethan Hawke seems to have better luck with movies than he does in the literary world, if anyone was going to make a film from his debut novel, it might as well have been him. ThinkFilm has just released the trailer for the film version of Hawke's book, The Hottest State. Hawke wrote and directed the story about a struggling actor in a tempestuous relationship with a singer -- throw in some parental abandonment issues and you have your typical Generation X love story. The film marks the third directorial effort for Hawke; the last time was back in 2001 with the ensemble piece Chelsea Walls. State stars Mark Webber, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Michelle Williams, Laura Linney, and Hawke even makes an appearance to play Webber's father in flashbacks.

The book was released back in 1996, and while reviews were somewhat harsh -- it doesn't get much worse than, "His callow cynicism about women and his flattened out, '90s rendition of Holden Caulfield grow wearisome". It's hard to say whether it was because critics had their knives out for an actor-turned-author, or maybe the book just wasn't that good. The film premiered at the 2006 Venice Film Festival, but much like the book, reviewers weren't exactly falling over themselves with praise. Hawke seems to be through with directing for now though, and the actor has since signed for double "vampire duty" in the horror flick Daybreakers, andThe Countess with Before Sunrise co-star Julie Delpy. The Hottest State is set for a limited release on August 24.