I suspect I may be the only one who gives a rat's keister about this (and even my interest is rather slight), because as far as I can tell I'm the only person who liked the U.S. remake of Pulse, finding it an enjoyable and refreshingly straightforward horror story, as opposed to the obtuse and hard to follow Japanese original. Still, even I fail to see the logic in producing sequels to a film that grossed all of $29 million worldwide. Granted the Pulse sequels are going direct to video, but I just don't see there being a market for it. However, since Dimension Films didn't ask for my opinion, they have released new information about the two proposed direct-to-DVD Pulse followups that Scott first posted about back in February.

Bloody Disgusting is reporting that the sequels will be written and directed by Joel Soisson, who has had writing and/or directing credits on a number of direct-to-DVD horror sequels including Hollow Man 2, Dracula 2000 (and its two sequels), Mimic 2, and several entries in the The Prophecy series; a franchise that had some pretty decent entries early on. This guy's pretty much the sequel king. The films will be called Pulse: Afterlife, which deals with a society that is afraid to use technology for fear of confronting the spirits that escaped into our world in the previous filmand Pulse: Invasion, which is about a teenager who flees the safety of a relocation camp to return to the city. You can read the synopses here, although the Afterlife summary is especially vague. The more I read about this project, the further my interest wanes. Fond as I was of Pulse I don't think it merited any kind of sequel, direct-to-DVD or otherwise.
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