A few months ago I posted about a Photoshop contest over on Somethingawful.com in which mainstream movie posters were made over into grindhouse style one sheets. It was presented as part of the site's Photoshop Phriday feature, as is this new contest called Band Name Movies 3: Song Titles. The idea this time around was for Photoshop buffs to redesign a movie poster by inserting a song title in place of the movie title (kudos to Boing Boing for spotting it).

There's some pretty cool stuff here. The one for Ghetto Chip Malfunction, which uses the Johnny 5 robot from Short Circuit is OK, but I'm sure it would be funnier if I'd ever heard of the song. The same goes for Hocus Pocus, which is used to reinterpret Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. One artist remade Halley Berry's Catwomanas The Thing That Should Not Be, yet another title I didn't recognize, but I couldn't argue with the sentiment.

Things pick up with the classic image of Indiana Jones brandishing his bullwhip with the title Whip It inserted where it once saidRaiders of the Lost Ark(see image above). Michael J. Fox and the cast from Back to the Future 3 now appear in a poster reimagined as The Time Warp. Eerily, Children of Men becomes Sweet Child o' Mine. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest becomes Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment, and The Crying Game is quite bluntly changed to Hooker With a Penis. My personal favorite, though, is a tie between Tim Burton's Ed Wood turned into Bela Lugosi's Dead, and an obscure horror flick called The Mutilatoris now Hooked on a Feeling (the killer uses meathooks, ya see).
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