With ComicCon right around the corner, we're about to be bombarded with news of upcoming wheeling and dealing for all things comic book, and it looks like Roger Avary might be getting started a little early this year. ShockTillYouDrop has reported that Avary, who is scheduled to make a ComicCon appearance on the 26th, is hoping to breathe a little life into his plans for a big-screen version of the comic book The Nocturnals. Avary also made the announcement that he is off the Silent Hill sequel saying, "If Christophe's not gonna do it, I'm not...". (Avary wrote the first Silent Hill, while Christophe Gans directed.) So while that might be good news for some, it definitely opens up some free time in Avary's schedule. While speaking with Shock, Avary seemed enthusiastic about TheNocturnals project noting, "I'd love to see that made. I actually gave the comics to [Beowulf producer] Jeff Rapke and was like, 'Check this out, this is the s**t!'". Expletives aside, I have to admit the comic sounds like it definitely has some box office potential.

Created by Dan Brereton, The Nocturnals ran from 1994-1995 as part of a six-part miniseries for Malibu Comics. The story focused on a fictional California town overrun by a supernatural phenomena, with leader Doc Horror and his gang battling your usual assortment of supernatural baddies. Some of the main characters include a gun-slinging scarecrow, a Komodo Dragon-boy and a bad-ass tadpole called Starfish. So if nothing else you have to give Brereton credit for originality. Avary has wrapped up work on Robert Zemeckis' Beowulf, and he'll next be moving on to a big-screen version of the video game Driver. So even if Avary manages to put a deal in place for Nocturnals, it could still be some time before a feature film makes its way to theaters.
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