With The Simpsons Movie (finally) about to make its appearance, a few eyes have turned toward that other animated Fox series, and the new question seems to be this? Will Seth MacFarlane'sFamily Guy ever hit the silver screen? And if so, when? (And will it be NC-17?)

During a recent appearance at the Just for Laughs Festival, Mr. MacFarlane told The Hollywood Reporter that while there certainly have been some discussions regarding a Family Guy movie, there's nothing down on paper just yet: "We have been trying to figure out how to do that and the series at the same time without the series suffering ... Nothing is official." Fans of the generally hilarious animated series are probably well aware that Family Guy has already spawned a direct-to-video movie ... one that wasn't any funnier than the TV episodes, if you're asking me. But hey, any time I get to see Peter Griffin fall down I'm a happy guy.

And regarding that other other animated Fox series, let's not forget that Matt Groening and his Futurama crew are presently hard at work at turning out some new material. Here's what the creator of Bender told ComingSoon.net: "We're doing four straight-to-DVD Futurama movies and then new episodes on Comedy Central starting in 2008. The first DVD for Futurama will be out for the holidays." Y'know ... as much as I love The Simpsons (and boy do I), I'm more excited about the new Futurama stuff than I am about The Simpsons Movie. Does that make me weird?
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