Some raw behind-the-scenes footage of Cloverfield has popped up online, and someone says they snapped a photo of the possible teaser poster. All of this ... and Andy Rooney ... on this edition of Unsolved Cloverfield. Cue theme music, raise lights -- and here we are, back again with more Cloverfield nonsense to keep you busy for all of about five minutes. First up, someone has posted a minute or so of video showing Cloverfield shooting a few "everyone run for their lives" scenes over on YouTube. The clips are cut together pretty well, so either this person is a spy who knows how to edit (which wouldn't surprise me in the least considering this is the footage that was shot in Los Angeles), or this person has something to do with the production. Meaning, all of this was leaked on purpose. I guess we'll know soon enough; Paramount loves to go after these sorts of things. Interestingly enough, I saw no cameras present. And that last shot is positioned so well, it definitely leaves me a bit skeptical. But it's Cloverfield (supposedly), and those people are running for a reason.

Apart from this video, some dude named Tom emailed us a tip regarding a cellphone photo the photographer claims is some sort of teaser poster for Cloverfield. It's important to note that in no way do I think this is legit, but I figured I'd toss it out there for you folks to judge as well. The poster itself features the Statue of Liberty without a head, the New York skyline in the distance, the date 1-18-08 in the bottom right-hand corner and the title -- wait for it -- Monstrous. The photo itself is a blurry mess, and the entire thing wreaks of photoshop. Coupled with the fact that the person who shot the pic claims they saw the poster at some sort of collectibles booth probably means there ain't much truth to this. Then again, you never know. Cloverfield/Slusho/Monstrous is due out in theaters on January 18, 2008.

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