When I was a kid, I always hated camp. Part of me was against all the physical activity, and the other despised those cocky councilors who insisted you do what they say, when they say it. Well screw you Tad McMichaels -- what if I don't want to play kickball from three to five? Here's a thought --- what if I want to spend my summer vacation doing things I enjoy? Ah, childhood ... how I miss it so. Leave it up to those hippies in California to begin doing things differently; apparently, The UCLA Armand Hammer Museum has launched a free Screenwriting Camp for kids ages 10-14. Yes, that means you aspirings over the age of 14 will have to find some other way to get your pen on.

Deadline Hollywood provides the following description: "For three weeks in July, adolescent screenwriters will work with Hollywood professionals to write and produce one monster of a short film. Professional screenwriters will teach the students what makes a screenplay tick; later on, the students will cast professional actors (or act themselves), manage props and set equipment, and then shoot their short yet sweet film. Last, but certainly not least, they'll screen their film at a small gala in Venice, CA." Um, sweet! Man do I wish something like this was available back when I was a lonely boy with a vivid imagination forced to play seven hours of dodge ball under the hot, blazing sun. What do you think about this program? Are they simply prepping these kids early for a life in the entertainment industry, or is this a great idea for those youngsters who would rather spend their summer being creative rather than competitive?

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