Not long ago, writer-director Jon Favreau dropped a little clue on his Myspace page by capitalizing the word 'Swank' while speaking about accommodations in Las Vegas; the final filming location for Iron Man. At a later date, while discussing Iron Man's ComicCon plans, Favreau told fans (regarding rumors that Hilary Swank, Samuel L. Jackson and Favreau himself had cameos), that none of it was true ... except for one. Well, we now know that more than one of those cameos is true, as producer Avi Arad told MTV that Hilary Swank does indeed make a cameo in the flick. Although he refused to say who she'd be playing, rumors suggest she'll most likely play a fellow SHIELD agent; a role that could possibly be setting up something larger -- like a separate film, or an appearance as this character in the much talked-about Avengers movie.

While most of the talk as of late has surrounded a Justice League flick, Marvel seems to be the ones taking the first steps toward setting up a film that would feature an array of superhero characters -- from Iron Man to Captain America. When asked about the Sam Jackson cameo (he's said to be playing fellow Marvel character Nick Fury), Arad seemed to have been caught off guard. His reply: "The Sam thing was supposed to be the biggest secret of them all. It's amazing how it got out." Hmm, I'm actually shocked that word hadn't reached Arad yet -- after all, the Sam news is fairly old by now. Arad was equally shocked when MTV threw Swank's name at him. He asks: "How did you know [about that]?" Then, after a few seconds of silence ... "It's a cameo." So there you have it folks -- official word from the top. Since we pretty much know who Jackson is playing, now it's your turn to take a stab at Swank's role. Who is she? Or, more importantly, who do you want her to be? Iron Man is set to arrive in theaters on May 9, 2008.