The one good thing Jessica Simpson's been able to do regarding her film career is to stay far away from the tabloid nonsense. Unlike Lindsay Lohan, films aren't shutting down completely just because the girl decided to go out to a club on a Saturday night. Unfortunately for Simpson, however, she just doesn't seem to have the big-screen chops. The roles she picks are awful, and her performances are even worse. But she's hot, has big boobs and a manager/father who will stop at nothing to transform his prize possession into a major movie star. Coincidentally, that's the name of Simpson's next film -- Major Movie Star -- and a few more names have just been added to the fantabulous cast list. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Vivica A. Fox, Steve "Mahoney!" Guttenberg, Ryan Sypek and Cheri Oteri will star opposite Simpson in the comedy.

Additionally, Olesya Rulin (High School Musical), Keiki Agena (Gilmore Girls), Jill Marie Jones, Aimee Garcia and Gary Grubbs will also show up in the film at some point. Ah, the film -- we're being told it follows a "somewhat clueless movie star who impulsively enlists in the U. S. Army Reserve after discovering her boyfriend is gay and her cousin/accountant has stolen all her money." Why those two unfortunate incidents would make someone want to join the military is beyond me, but that's what they're going with. Filming has already begun at Camp Minden near Shrevport, LA, and Steve Miner (who's also helming Day of the Dead) is directing. HR also lists exactly who's playing who (Fox as an intimidating Sgt., Guttenberg as a controlling talent agent, etc ..), but you can head on over there to fill yourself in. No word on a release date, but expect this one to hit on a weekend where the competition is so weak, a Jessica Simpson movie actually looks enticing.

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