I don't know whether to laugh at how ridiculous this is, or cry because pieces of my childhood are now being auctioned off! MTV Movies Blog has found none other than Johnny Five up for sale on eBay. In case you slept through (or had discerning taste during) the 1980's, Johnny Five is the lovable, wisecracking robot from 1986's Short Circuit and 1988's Short Circuit 2 (which had a hilarious robot chase scored to Bonnie Tyler's "I Need A Hero"). You can head to this link to bid on the item, just be aware that the bidding starts at $100,000. And I'd imagine shipping and handling is going to be a real bitch! But hey, isn't that a small price to pay for probably the best conversation piece you could ever have in your home? "Love what you've done with the place, Janet! Is this coffee table from Pier 1 Imports? Hey...uh...is that the robot from Short Circuit?"

The robot is five feet tall, cost over $175,000 to construct in 1983, and it looks like it's been kept remarkably clean and free of rust. Fifteen different robots were made for Short Circuit and its sequel, but according to the bid page "most of these were mock-ups, half-robots and other non-animatronic pieces." The model being auctioned is "the only complete Johnny Five that survived, and is the only one known to exist." Should you have concerns that this is some imposter giant talking robot and not a movie star, the package "is accompanied with a letter of authenticity from Eric Allard, the robotic special effects supervisor who made this robot for the film." And the sweetest feature is that you get "a specially designed exo-skeleton apparatus (that) was made to control all of the mechanical features of the robot during filming." If I'm reading that correctly, that means you might just be able to make Johnny Five come alive in your own home! It all sounds really cool, but for the price they're asking, I hope it comes with Steve Guttenberg.

If you guys could own any piece of movie memorabilia, (other than Johnny Five of course), what would it be? Thinking small and since all this Short Circuit talk has me nostalgic for the 80's, I'd love to have the original Gizmo from Gremlins in my apartment. I'd keep him far away from the bath tub, of course.

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