All right, I need to be professional about this but... HOLY JUMPING JUJU BEES, THEY'RE BACK!!! THE GUYS FROM MST3K ARE BACK!!!

OK, deep breath, let me explain. I'm a B-movie guy; that's why I write this Killer B's thing every week. Movies with cheap rubber monsters, juvenile delinquents played by guys in their 30s, and space ships on clearly visible wires are what get me out of bed in the morning. As such, Mystery Science Theater 3000 -- the TV show in which a guy and two robots were stranded in space and forced to make fun of the cheesiest flicks this side of a video taped tour of a gorgonzola factory -- was for me a high point of western civilization. It was also funny as hell, and I'm happy to say so is this new project from the former residents of the Satellite of Love.
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