By the time next Monday rolls around, just the near mention of ComicCon will most likely make me sick to my stomach. That's because we plan to cover the hell out of this convention when it kicks off later this week. And when I'm not reading our coverage, I'll be trolling the many sites out there for stuff we've missed. I'll be up to my neck in geek news, as will most of our team, but why bitch now when things haven't even started yet. I won't be heading out to San Diego this year (which kinda stinks -- I would've loved to meet some folks from other sites); instead, Cinematical is sending two of our West Coast boys, Kevin and Chris. To say we will make their lives crazy over the next week is a massive understatement. That being said, with all that's going on (and all they have planned), I'll owe them each a nice cold one if they can successfully pull it off.

There's so much taking place at this year's Con that it's kind of hard to say which aspect of it I'm looking forward to the most. Do I want to hear J.J. Abrams announce the cast of Star Trek XI, or do I want to hear J.J. Abrams clue us into this damn Cloverfield project a bit more instead? Do I want to see photos of the new (and improved?) Incredible Hulk, or do I want to see the first teaser for The Dark Knight? Or how about that Watchmen cast (which, when it's all said and done, will probably be leaked online in its entirety before the actual panel discussion)? Will 20th Century Fox decide at the last minute to duck out from behind a bush and present something? And how stupid will the Kevin Smith questions be ( I don't even want to go into the absurdity of some of the questions asked to Smith during New York ComicCon)? Will we get an Iron Man teaser? An Indiana Jones 4 teaser? And, how long will it be until the clips leaked onto YouTube get pulled? So much going on, so much to anticipate -- how will we get through it all?

So, I ask you: What's the one thing you're looking forward to the most regarding this week's ComicCon?