In less than a week, we should get the official word on Watchmencasting. I think it's Friday that Zack Snyder will be presenting information about his graphic novel adaptation to the crowds at ComicCon. But we may already know everything he's going to tell us. Despite some unlikely casting rumors that have floated about -- I always had my doubts about Kate Winslet -- we've gotten good tips and heard from reliable sources. The names keep coming in, though, and the latest is actor Matthew Goode, who is said to be playing the wealthy Adrian Veidt, otherwise known as Oxymandias Ozymandias. Goode, who you may know from Match Point or Imagine Me and You, replaces the rumored Jude Law in the role. As with Winslet, I had my doubts about Law, because even though his movies don't perform well, he is too big a star for such an ensemble cast. Of course, it is possible that he was offered a part and turned it down, like Keanu Reevesreportedly did.

While Goode is not a well-known actor, he should be able to fill the purple shoes of Ozymandias just fine. For a second I had my doubts about him handling the story's third act, but then I imagined him perfectly (well, maybe he's a bit young). According to the most reliable information (or leaks), the cast is now as follows: Goode as Ozymandias, Billy Crudup as Dr. Manhattan, Patrick Wilson as The (younger) Nite Owl, Malin Akerman as (the younger) Silk Spectre and Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach. There's still little mention of Thomas Jane or Gerard Butler these days, and we don't have an official unofficial name for The Comedian yet (both actors were linked to the tiny role). All we have, really, is an official plot synopsis and four days until we hear the confirmations directly from the mouths of the studio and director. And don't worry about not making it to the convention -- Cinematical should have those confirmations for you as soon as they happen.