MFOn July 23, AOL's Moviefone re-launched its site with an updated look and feel, including a wider format for the site and modified navigation.

You'll still be able to access the main pages from the top of Moviefone, but the navigation on each individual page has moved to the left side of the page. However, while content may have shifted, the functionality has not changed: You're still able to access local showtimes, trailers and clips, photos, and more -- just like always.

Over the coming months, even more improvements are coming to Moviefone:
  • Search will be enhanced to better help you find the movie, celebrity, and showtime information you seek.
  • Movie and celebrity pages will get an updated design as well as new features and functionality.
  • Various community features will be integrated throughout the site.
If you have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions, please email Moviefone at MoviefoneSuggest AT aol DOT com. They're interested in hearing your reactions to the site and will do their best to respond to questions and make adjustments to the site accordingly.