As you probably already know, this week hundreds of thousands of fans who live and breathe comic books, movies, TV shows, costumes, action figures and pretty much anything else that can be imagined, drawn, photographed, video taped or otherwise produced for mass consumption, will occupy the downtown section of San Diego for Comic-Con International 2007. If you've been reading Cinematical the last couple of weeks (and you should be), you know that we're going to be covering the heck out of the Con over these next several days.

We're covering it so much, in fact, that our wise, benevolent Editor-In-Chief Ryan Stewart has dispatched not one but two brave soles to report on all the doings at the event. I'll be one of them, along with my colleague Kevin Kelly, and we'll be bringing you as much Con news, interviews, scoops, photos, video and even tastes and smells as we possibly can. It should be a great time full of interesting people, great comics, cool new movies, spectacular events and probably a few surprises too. So, stay tuned.

If you're like Kevin and myself and you happen to be one of the hundreds of thousands who's love of all-thing Comic-Con outweighs any thoughts of economics, hotels, traffic or personal safety (that Con floor sure does get crowded -- especially on Saturday) and you are attending the Con next week, read on because as a veteran attendee (growing up in North San Diego County I've been going to the Con since I was eleven years old) I've got a couple tips for you on what to do, see and be aware of while at the Con.