Maybe it's just me, but Colin Firth seems like he could play a lot of different roles, but a battle hardened Roman Legionnaire wouldn't necessarily be one of them. Movieweb is now hosting the full-length trailer for the fantasy epic, The Last Legion. The marketing machine for the movie must be kicking into gear, since it was just last week that we got an exclusive look at the new poster for the film. The cast includes Firth, Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai, Ben Kingsley, and Thomas Sangster as the young emperor Romulus. The story centers on a Roman soldier (Firth), sworn to protect the boy-emperor Romulus as the empire is crumbling. While they are on the run, they join with a mysterious Byzantine warrior (Rai), and in the midst of all the adventure is an origin story of the legendary blade Excalibur. Legion was directed by Doug Lefler, who seems to have a thing for fantasy tales, as he was a regular writer for Xena, Hercules, and was unfortunately also responsible for the direct-to-video sequel to Dragonheart.

So while his role in Legion might be a little out of character, Firth has been keeping busy with some more "traditional" choices. First up is his role in the adaptation of the books of poet Blake Morrison, And When Did You Last See Your Father? But, Firth is also signed for a big-screen version of the hit stage musical Mamma Mia! -- forever solidifying his reputation as a go-to guy for romantic comedy, and the family-fantasy The Moon Princess. Legion will premiere at the upcoming Venice Film Festival this September, but no North American release date has been confirmed. Maybe the Weinstein Co. are looking to gauge some audience reactions first.