I know what you're thinking: "Please don't tell me the guy who directed Norbit is remaking the classic Elvis flick from 1957." Good news -- he's not. This will be an entirely different Jailhouse Rock based on the true story that was written about in an L.A. Weekly article by Joshuah Bearman. Disney has optioned the article and tapped Brian Robbins to direct. The story will follow a musician-turned-detention officer at Arizona's Tent City who decides to hold an American Idol-type singing contest at the jail. Called Inmate Idle Singing Con-Test, the event became so popular that Alice Cooper himself showed up to judge the finals. Something tells me Simon Cowell's snarky attitude wouldn't go off so well here. Whaddya think?

Robbins, who was very vocal towards critics when Norbit received tons of bad reviews, just wrapped his second film in a row with Eddie Murphy as star, Starship Dave (not to be confused with the other Murphy atrocity that was Pluto Nash). Seeing as Disney is putting this one out, I imagine the jail environment will be rather tame -- even though Tent City is one heckuva nasty place. Oh yes, I watch MSNBC's Lock Up -- I've seen the inside of practically every prison in the country. Tent City is outside though, and the inmates have to stay in tents. And since this is Arizona, it gets hot. Real hot. Needless to say, this isn't the sort of place you'd like to end up. But Robbins feels good about the project, telling Variety "I don't see this as a prison movie as much as about the healing power of music." Ah, but can that music help heal his relationship with critics as well? Guess we'll see.

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