Yes, I like seeing them on screen together as much as you do, so don't send me hate mail over this one, but it's true. I recently had a chance to sit down with Julie Delpy in Manhattan for a one-on-one interview -- I'll be publishing it soon -- and over the course of our talk, she dropped that bit of unexpected news. Ethan Hawke is no longer expected to appear as Ferenc Nadansky, the husband of Delpy's character, 'Blood Countess' Elizabeth Bathory, in the Delpy-directed film The Countess. "He might do a cameo, but I don't think he will anymore, " Delpy told me with a sad look. "He was going to, and now he's busy with something else. But it was such a small cameo, and it would have jeopardized the dates for other actors, and I felt like it was not right, you know? He agreed to be in it at first, and now he has a play, maybe. But it's okay -- maybe it's not meant to be. I have wonderful people attached, so I'm very happy with that."

Wait, don't jump out of the window yet -- there's a silver lining to this cloud. Delpy seems to be as on board as Hawke is to do another Before Sunrise sequel, although the details have yet to be worked out, of course. "We wanted to do, maybe a third one," she told me. "We might do it. We don't know. We have to come up with the right idea." When I suggested that she wait until they hit 65, 70 before doing part three, she didn't seem to be into that. "Maybe not -- maybe it could be good every ten years, you know, like we did it. Maybe it's good in our early forties." Stay tuned to Cinematical for the full interview, which is coming as soon as I have time to type it out.

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