Pop quiz: Which actor has the most not-yet-released projects on their IMDB page? I don't know the answer, but I bet Will Arnett is somewhere near the top of the list. If you start at Hot Rod, which is coming to theaters on August 3rd, and work your way forward in time, Arnett has eight -- count em, eight -- projects that are either in the can, filming, in post-production or the ever-popular 'announced,' which could mean pretty much anything you like. So, with that said, it's my great pleasure to add one more project to the pile. Cinematical has learned conclusively that Arnett is in talks to lead a new comedy called Matchbreaker, which is being quickly developed as a spring project for the prolific actor.

Matchbreaker was inspired by an actual company in Japan that, due to the critical need for individuals to uphold their honor and dignity in that society, can be hired to get you out of a marriage or a job without upsetting any kind of social applecart. They'll even pin your bad deeds on another person, if necessary. The film will take that raw material and spin it into the story of a guy (Arnett) who can be hired to get you out of a bad relationship very quickly, with little fuss. The movie will take place in Kentucky, and some of the comedic complications will revolve around the fact that the guy who is hiring Arnett to get him out of his relationship has a girlfriend with a rich, horrible family. The film will take some cues from The Wedding Crashers, I'm told. Stay tuned to Cinematical for more info.

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