There's a fun little poll over at iVillage that posits the question: Would you want your kid to attend Hogwarts? As the mom of a 10-year-old who, I suspect, hopes in her heart of hearts that a letter confirming her admission to Hogwarts will be flown in by owl when she turns 11, I'm unequivocally with the majority on this one.

My kids are already at least 87% convinced that the world of wizards and witches is real, that Hogwarts really exists, and that You-Know-Who is out there lurking somewhere. My seven-year-old son is half-certain he's really Harry Potter (hey, he does have the unruly hair that won't stay in place no matter how much it's combed), but then again he's also pretty convinced that the Transformers are hiding in every semi-truck, police car and fire truck we pass.

More so than most fictional creations, though, the world created by JK Rowling has captured the fancy of adults and children alike. When my husband and I schlepped off with four kids in tow to Barnes and Noble last week for their big Midnight Madness party around the long-anticipated release of the final book in the series, we were pleased to see how packed the store was, even here in Oklahoma City, the buckle of the Bible Belt, where there have to have been preachers on their pulpits warning their congregations against the evil of the boy wizard the next Sunday.
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