Although producer Avi Arad is currently making the rounds promoting his newest film, Bratz: The Movie, all anyone wants is more information on the 10+ comic-related films he has in the pipeline. Some of those, of course, include those two X-Men spin-off flicks (Wolverine and Magneto), as well as Captain America, Thor, The Punisher 2, Ant-Man, Iron Fist and probably the most anticipated of them all, The Avengers. I've tried repeatedly over the past month to get word from Zak Penn on whether he's started The Avengers script, but unfortunately he's told me that he can't say anything. Bummer. But that's not stopping Arad from opening his mouth -- just the other day, he confirmed that both Samuel L. Jackson and Hilary Swank will have cameos in Iron Man, and now he's telling the Australian press that he plans to shoot a majority of those comic-related films down under.

While he wouldn't reveal which films were going to shoot in Australia, he did say that he's attempting to hire an Australian director for one of them. Though he wouldn't name that director or the film, folks have been tossing the name Alex Proyas around in relation to the upcoming Silver Surfer solo effort. Most recently, Proyas directed the Will Smith flick I, Robot, as well as the smaller budgeted Aussie pic Garage Days. Arad, who attempted to get at least one Bratz reference in by saying "Bratz is X-Men for girls," is real keen on Australia because, according to him, "it's such a fun place with great technical talent and some amazing special effects houses." Sounds wonderful, except I'm still stuck on the "Bratz is like X-Men for girls" line. Is he serious about that? Or should it have read, "Bratz is like X-Men for girls ... on drugs?"

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