A documentary on John Graham Mellor, more widely known as Joe Strummer -- lead singer of The Clash, has been creating buzz for a while. Way back in January of 2006, Cinematical brought word that director Julaien Temple would be putting together a doc about his long-time friend -- a complete labor of love as Temple was getting the full support of Strummer's family and former bandmates, which meant tons of archival material and interviews. Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten is now complete, and has been taking the festival circuit by storm. In January of this year, our Kevin Kelly reviewed it at Sundance and called it "a more than adequate" film that filled "in the gaps about Joe Strummer," although it left off a lot of his pre-Strummer, Mellor days.

The documentary is now headed for a November 2 limited release, and the website has a bunch of information about the feature, including a trailer, which you can see in everything from 56k to HD. Unsurprisingly, coming from a pro of music videos, the film and trailer are looking pretty slick. It does a good job of showing enough to amp you up without revealing much more than a ton of images and short tidbits. However, while it is completely suitable within the realm of the film, you should be prepared for some loud bursts of song intermingled between softer voice-overs and interviews -- not exactly office material unless you work in a Clash-friendly environment.

[via The Documentary Blog]