The sun is shining in San Diego, the waves are crashing against the shore, seagulls are calling (do they call?), people are bustling about ... and an inordinate amount of them are wearing Star Wars t-shirts. Yes folks, Comic-Con is getting ready to step into full swing, and I'm here.

I would make a lot of geek and nerd jokes here, but I just realized after taking a picture of all of the gear I'll be lugging around every day that I have seen the geek, and the geek is me. For the rest of my week I'll be doing my best to dork out and get the skinny on all the Comic-Con news that comes out, and I'll be chasing down those 12 unanswered questions that we want the answers to.

Plus if I can catch some behind the scenes tidbits, I'll share 'em here. If Robert Downey Jr. wants to tell me how the crotch really rides up on that Iron Man costume, then you'll hear it here first. We'll also be touring the show floor, bringing you photos, videos, and interviews with a woman dressed up like Lara Croft, god willing.

I just came from getting my press badge at the San Diego Convention Center (or SDCC for people without a lot of extra time on their hands to pronounce the whole thing) and it is already mobbed. It's only preview night, where you can't see too much, and the line is stretching around the place. Stay tuned, true believers! Tonight we're attending a screening of 3D footage from Beowulf, so look for that and a whole lot more tomorrow, once things really get rolling.