It's been almost a year since New Line first acquired Michael Colton and John Abound's spec script Mild Things, and Variety tells us a director has finally been attached. Long-time Adam Sandler collaborator Frank Coraci will helm the comedy that follows a married couple who decide to go on a "baby bender" and party like rock stars for a couple of months before settling down to have their first child. Judging from the title, I imagine their idea of partying like a rock star is probably more in line with partying like a sober couple gearing up to watch the premiere of Big Brother 8. Then again, I haven't read the script. So I don't know.

I do know, however, that Coraci was responsible for one of my favorite Sandler comedies, The Wedding Singer. But once he followed that one up with The Waterboy, Around the World in 80 Days and Click, I kind of lost all hope in the man. Since the film has been set up with Peter Principato and Paul Young, and not Happy Madison, I assume Sandler won't be a part of Mild Things. It's a shame too, because this would be a good role for the guy. I like when he plays one-half of a married couple (moreso with Spanglish than Click), and watching him play a soon-to-be father attempting to party it up before the kid arrives could make for some quality entertainment. Aside from Mild Things, Coraci also directed the TV pilot I'm in Hell (featuring all kinds of random names), and is set to helm Hawaiian Dick, based off the graphic novel. No word on a cast or release date for Mild Things, but expect that info to arrive soon.

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