"An epic display of wrong-headedness," is how Danny Leigh, of The Guardian, puts it. I don't think I could say it better. He's talking, of course, about the apparent decision of the producers of Bond 22 to go in the direction of more silly jokes this time around, instead of the straight and serious approach that worked so well for Casino Royale. "In the wake of Daniel Craig's debut in the role, the trick [to saving the franchise] seemed obvious," Leigh writes. "No jokes. That simple. Reviving the franchise came as easily as removing its once-trademark one-liners, Craig's mirthless scowl an emblematic presence in a film full of chilly brutality but with little in the way of double entendres." Leigh goes on to remind Broccoli and Co. that it was the "creaking gags that sank Bond as a cinematic force" the first time around, and sparked the necessary re-boot. If there's anything the Bond producers should be especially cautious about, it's re-introducing humor at this point.

In other Bond news, Marc Forster is apparently not being shy about making his Bond his own: according to CommanderBond.net, he's decided not to bring back Peter Lamont, the production designer who has worked on nearly every Bond film since Goldfinger. (Shouldn't the guy be retirement-age anyway?) Instead, the production designer on Bond 22 will be Dennis Gassner, an Oscar winer who has worked with Craig before on Road to Perdition and The Golden Compass. Stay tuned to Cinematical as we continue to lobby the producers to put an end to the funny business.

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